Drum instruction

I’ve always had a passion for teaching and passing on my love of music and drumming.

Working as a full time musician for over two decades has taught me many important things that every aspiring drummer needs to know. Being a father since 2002 has taught me patience and important communication skills. Hosting an interview based podcast about the Working Drummer since 2015 continues to expand my drumming knowledge and music community that I can pass along to my students. Contact me and let the fun begin!

Students learn:

  • Drum set styles covering rock, pop, country, jazz, latin, and more

  • Rudimentary drumming and stick technique

  • Useful practice techniques

  • Reading and writing music

  • Performing live

  • Recording in the studio

  • Ear training and applicable music theory

  • Chart writing as well as an understanding of song forms

  • Music and drumming history

  • Melodic and ethnic percussion