Working drummer

    Since our first episode in January of 2015, we have been growing in size and scope to be the source for those interested in what it's like to be a professional "working drummer".  As of January 25th, 2017 we have just published our 100th episode with new episodes premiering weekly. In December of 2016, we had just under record 7,000 actual downloads of our podcast episodes with continuing growth. 
    Our interview based podcast continues to showcase performers with a sometimes less recognizable name but always impressive body of work. This unique approach has garnered a niche audience who is hungry for unfiltered stories into what it takes to make a living as a musician today.
     From time to time, we have been able to bring to our listeners interviews with some of our drumming heroes and mentors. We have been honored to have drummers like Steve Smith, Peter Erskine, Eddie Bayers, Gregg Morrow, Jamey Tate, Jason Sutter, Rich Redmond, Herman Matthews and Chad Cromwell. 
    In an effort to bring a high quality and diverse podcast, we employ two interviewers, Matthew Crouse and Zack Albetta as well as tech guru and award winning musician/producer Mike Jackson.  As full time musicians themselves, this team has the experience needed to ask the often overlooked questions as well as steer the conversation in the right direction. 

I-Tunes testimonial:
Real talk for drummers…. by Mark Domme - May 21, 2016
"This podcast gives an inside look at the who's, how's, and why's of the best studio/touring drummers out there today…..enjoy hearing the behind the scenes stories and advice from the top guys."

Sponors have included, Not So Modern Drummer, Sakae Drums, Aquarian Heads, Sonor Drums, Mapex Drums and Fork's Drum Closet